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SCREEN SIZE, OR MONITOR RESOLUTION, determines how much you can see on your monitor screen, and, depending on your compute hardware, you can usually adjust it to suit your needs.
High Resolution

1024x768 photograph at
1024x768 screen size
Medium Resolution

1024x768 photograph at
800x600 screen size
Low Resolution

1024x768 photograph at
640x480 screen size
The higher the resolution, the smaller everything appears on your screen, and the more you can see. The lower the resolution, the larger everything appears on your screen, and the less you can see. Monitor resolution is generally measured by the number of pixels on the horizontal axis of your screen versus the number of pixels on the vertical axis i.e. 640x800, 800x600, 1024x768.
Screen size can be something you probably don't think twice about until you try to look at a high resolution image with a low monitor resolution setting. The image will appear to be enormous on your screen.
Depending on the capabilities of the video card in your computer, and of your monitor, you can adjust your screen size. Click your operation system in the list below for instructions on how to do this:
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