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Advisory Council on the Status of Women

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2012-10-18: Local Governments Need Women as Voters and Leaders

Charlottetown - The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women is releasing "Women Care for Communities," a guide to upcoming municipal elections.

"On November 5, municipal elections are happening in the Island's small municipalities. We want women to be a big part of those elections," says Council Executive Director Jane Ledwell. "Women have a lot to contribute, whether they are running for elected office or turning out to vote and have their say."

The Advisory Council applauds the Province's municipal affairs division for promoting women's participation in the upcoming elections, and wants to add its own message about how important local governments are to women in PEI. The "Women Care for Communities" municipal election guide for 2012 will be available online at or by emailing


Women Care for Communities: Municipal Election Guide 2012 / L'Engagement feminin au sein des collectivités


Says Ledwell, "Our new municipal election guide highlights the many ways local governments affect women's lives. In areas including safety, environment, housing, transportation, recreation, and culture, small communities can make improvements. Including women and other under-represented groups is good for community life."

The guide also highlights the goal of increasing representation of women in government. "There is success to build on in small communities," Ledwell says. "The PEI Coalition for Women in Government has shown that in past elections, women have made up more than 30% of municipal councillors. That's a high-water mark women haven't hit in other levels of government on PEI. Municipalities are great places to shape women leaders."

Look for the municipal election guide on October 18, the national anniversary of Persons Day, when women were first declared "persons" under Canadian law in 1929.

"Persons Day is a perfect time to reflect on women in elected office and in community leadership," says Ledwell. "We hope people will mark the day by checking out our elections guide and thinking about their role as leaders and voters in their communities."

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