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About Aerial Photographs

OUR AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WAS TAKEN as part of the 2000/02 Corporate Land Use Inventory Project. The copyright of the images is retained by the Province of Prince Edward Island.

The original images were taken during July and August 2000 at a scale of 1/17,500 scale using false colour infrared film. These images were scanned from the film negatives at a resolution of 40 microns and then electronically resampled to 80 microns. The individual pixels of the images represent 1.0 metres square on the ground. (The original electronic files were 32 megabytes and the resampled images are 8 megabytes. The version of the images presented here have been converted to JPEG format and reduced in size by 25%.)

The film negatives for the 2000 set, as well as for 1974 and 1990, are stored at Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre, 160 Willow Street, Amherst, Nova Scotia, B4H 3W5 and conventional aerial photography prints in false colour or black and white are available from this agency.