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Farm Business Management Programs

Agri Stability Program
The program is designed to integrate income stabilization and disaster protection to help producers achieve long-term income stability on their farms. It covers margin losses caused by declines in price, production and /or allowable production expenses. Farmers can fit their coverage to their individual needs, giving them flexibility to decide each year how much risk protection to secure.
When losses occur, Government and farmers share in the costs. Farmers will be required to deposit enough funds for the level of protection they select. For smaller losses, farmers and governments would share the burden equally. As losses steepen, an increasing portion of the costs would shift to government, with its share becoming four dollars to every one dollar provided by the producer when income declines reach more than 30 per cent of the margin.

P.E.I. Agricultural Insurance Corporation
P.O. Box 2000, Charlottetown
PE C1A 7N8
Tel: 1-855-9695 Fax: 836-8917

Advance Payments Programs
This program is designed to improve the cash flow of the farm before planting or after harvest. The program guarantees the repayment of the advances made to farmers by the producer organization. These guarantees help the producer organization to borrow money from lenders at lower interest rates.
Spring cash advances help finance the growing expenses until the crop is ready to harvest. To guarantee the crop against production risks, producers are required to have production insurance.
The fall cash advance allows farmers to store the crop and sell it throughout the crop year withthe aim of achieving higher returns. The organization can issue producers an advance on the value of their crop once the crop is in storage.

Island Grain & Protein Council Inc.
Shirley Ramsay
Tel: 836-8931

PEI Potato Board
Andrew Wood
Tel: 892-6551

PEI Vegetable Growers Co-op Association
Don Read
Tel: 892-5361

Business Development Programs
Business Development Programs will provide to farmers skills training, business practices assessment and business planning assistance. The initiatives are designed to enhance the ability of farmers to respond to change and to facilitate the development of sound business practices.

Five programs will be offered:

  • Agri-Skills
  • Self-Assessment
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Benchmarking and Risk Management

Lynda MacSwain
PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Tel: 368-4815

Farm Assistance Program
The Farm Assistance Progam (FAP) is a service that provides confidential, professional counselling services to farmers, farm employees and their families. The program recognizes that some problems can affect home life and work performance. When this happens, help may be required in resolving these problems through the assistance of a trained professional counsellor. These counselors are trained to provide short term counselling or refer you to other professional services and resources in the community..

Requests for information should be directed to:
Farm Assistance Program
Toll Free: 1-800-736-8006

Farm Use Assessment Program
The Farm Use Assessment Program provides tax relief to resident and non-resident farmland owners who have property leased to bona fide farmers. The property must be clear, arable land leased or rented to a bona fide farmer and operated as a farm enterprise. The lease or rental agreement for the land must be for a minimum of three years and the total amount of land annually leased must be a minimum of 10 acres.

Future Farmer Program
The purpose of this program is to encourage new Prince Edward Island farmers to develop successful commercial farm operations.

There are seven components to the Future Farmer Program:

  1. Facilitation and Coaching Assistance by a Program Advisor
  2. Skills Assessment
  3. Business Planning
  4. Skills Development and Training
  5. Understanding Analytical Laboratory Results
  6. Business Risk Management*
  7. Interest Rebate Assistance*

Information available at the District Offices
O’Leary - 859-8844
Summerside - 888-8040
Charlottetown - 368-4145

Barry Thompson
Program Manager
Tel: 368-6366

Product and Market Development Program
This Program is designed to assist agricultural producers, agri-businesses and agri-processors seeking to expand their product base or markets. The program is focused on increasing competitiveness of Prince Edward Island’s agriculture and agrifood sector by assisting with market intelligence, market exploratory activities, market delivery logistics, new product development and market readiness.

Danny Doyle
PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Tel: 940-0871
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