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A to Z Index of Programs and Services

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top    A
ARIP: Applied Research Subprogram
ARIP: Industry Research Coordination Subprogram
ARIP: Innovative Technologies Subprogram
ARIP: Technology and Science Adoption Subprogram
ASP: Buffer/Riparian Zone Management BMP
ASP: Energy Efficiency Implementation BMP
ASP: Nutrient Management Planning BMP
ASP: Soil Management BMP
ASP: Storage Management BMP
ASP: Water Management BMP
Advance Payments Program (APP)
AgriStability Program Guides
Agricultural Crop Rotation Act
Agricultural Insurance Corporation
Agriculture Information Centres
Agriculture Livestock Enhancement Program
Agriculture Loans
Agriculture Market Reports
Agriculture Research and Innovation Program
Agriculture Stewardship Program
Alternative Land Use Services 2 (ALUS 2)
Aquaculture Technology Program
Aquaculture and Fisheries Research Initiative
Assurance Systems Program
top    B
BDP: Agri-Skills Subprogram
BDP: Benchmarking and Risk Management Subprogram
BDP: Planning Subprogram
BDP: Self-Assessment Subprogram
BDP: Training and Organizational Development Subprogram
Beef Project 2014/15
Burning Permit FAQ's
Buy PEI Initiative
top    C
Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP)
Collection of Plant Samples for Plant Disease Identification
Commercial Importation of Pest Control Products
Crop Production Programs
top    D
Dairy Livestock Genetic Enhancement Project (2013-2015)
Dead Marine Mammal Removal and Disposal
Domestic Export and Field Inspection of Seed Potatoes
top    E
Environmental Farm Plan Maps
Environmental Farm Plans
Environmental Programs
Environmental Protection Act
top    F
FFP: Business Planning
FFP: Business Risk Management*
FFP: Facilitation and Coaching Assistance by a Program Advisor
FFP: Interest Rebate Assistance*
FFP: Skills Assessment
FFP: Skills Development and Training
FFP: Understanding Analytical Laboratory Results
Farm Business Management Programs
Farm Practices Act
Farm Use Assessment Information
Feed Inspection
Fertilizer Inspection
Fish Buying, Processing and Peddling Licenses
Fish Inspection
Fish Prices
Fisheries Organization Support Program
Fishers Low Interest Loan Program
Fishery Reports
Fishery Statistics
Food Inspection
Food Poisoning
Food Safety, Biosecurity & Traceability
Food Safety/ Quality Control
Foot and Mouth Disease
Forest Fire Emergencies
Forest Fire Supression Course
Forest Inventory Information
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Inspection
Fur Enhancement Project (2015-2016)
Future Farmer Program
Future Fisher Program
top    G
Grain Elevators Corporation Act
Growing Forward 2
Guidelines for Disposal of Dead Farm Livestock
Guidelines for Planting Permits for Seed Potatoes Originating From Outside the Province in 2016
top    H
Honey Bee Queen Replacement & Feed Efficiency Project (2013-2015)
top    I
Information Lines
Innovation & Applied Research Programs
Innovation & Applied Research Programs
top    L
Laboratory Services
Livestock Programs
top    M
Maple Production
Meat and Poultry Products Inspection
Milk Quota Forms
Mussel Monitoring Program
top    N
National Code on Introductions and Transfers of Aquatic Organisms
News & Upcoming Dates
Northside Windmill Enhancement Fund
top    O
OIDP: Certified Organic Land Conversion Subprogram
OIDP: Implementation of Strategic Initiatives Subprogram
OIDP: Increasing Market Competitiveness Subprogram
OIDP: Specialized Equipment Subprogram:
Organic Industry Development Program
Organic Programs
Oyster Monitoring Program
top    P
PEI Aquaculture Leasing Policy
PEI Association of Exhibitions
PEI Grain Elevators
Pest Photos
Pesticide Use and Regulation
Potato Disinfection Services
Potato Inspection Services
Potato Seed Quality Standards
Potato Wart and Potato Mop-top Virus
Poultry and Poultry Products Act
Premises Identification Program for Livestock and Poultry
Product and Market Development
Production Insurance
top    R
Regional Development Support Program
Registration Handbook for Pest Control Products Under the Federal Pest Control Products Act and Regulations
Regulatory Programs
top    S
Small Ruminant Enhancement Project (Sheep and Goats) 2015/2016
Small Seeds Inspection
Strawberry Certification Program
Swine Genetic Replacement & Herd Health Monitoring Project - 2015/2016
top    T
Tax & Permit Related Programs
Tax & Permit Related Programs
Test Program - Potato lab
Training Programs
Tree Seedling Production and Sales
top    W
Weather Information
Women's Institute of Prince Edward Island

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