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2011 Census of Agriculture

2011 Census of Canada
Farmers get a chance to tell their story on May 10, 2011

Tips on Completeing Your Census of Agriculture Questionnaire

The Census of Agriculture provides a statistical portrait of Canada's agriculture industry and its farm operators and families. Read about what's new for the next Census of Agriculture, set for May 10, 2011, find answers to all your questions and get some tips for filling out your Census of Agriculture questionnaire.

The most recent Census of Agriculture, in 2006, told us that Canada's agriculture industry has:

  • 229,000 farms
  • 67.6 million hectares of total farm area
  • 35.9 million hectares of land in crops (excluding Christmas trees)
  • 15.8 million cattle
  • 15.0 million hogs
  • 125.3 million hens and chickens
  • $248.3 billion in farm capital
  • $42.2 billion in total gross farm receipts
  • 2.2% of Canada's total population (known as the farm population)
  • 327,000 farm operators, of which
  • 27.7% are female and
  • 52.0 years is their average age.


Information gathered by the census is so important, Statistics Canada is legally required to conduct a census every five years. By the same law, Statistics Canada is required to protect the information provided on census of agriculture forms ¡X privacy is a fundamental component of the census.

On May 10, 2011, tell your story by counting yourself in as part of Canada's farm community!

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