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Strategic Planning and Measurement Division

Strategic Planning and Measurement Division

Strategic Planning and Measurement Division is responsible for planning, monitoring, research and analysis, policy development and program evaluation. The division is committed to improving the quality of advice, assistance and information primarily to internal clients which include the minister, deputy minister and other department staff. External clients include staff from other provincial government departments, federal staff, industry organizations and the public.

Policy Development

The Sustainable Resource Policy Development continued in 2003 and culminated in the development of an implementation strategy that included re-defining goals, objectives and targets and working with an interdepartmental group to develop detailed action plans.

Staff participated in an agricultural apprenticeship initiative which involves skill definition, development of core competencies and individual learning plans for long-term learning opportunities for farmers and farm workers.

Division staff also participated in the development of an environmental services initiative for producers which would reward those who, in addition to production from their farms, also provide society with benefits such as clean water, healthier soil, healthier forests and the maintenance of biodiversity.

The division director chaired the Land Use Coordinating Committee (LUCC) and prepared the 2003 annual report.

Staff presented a paper at the 2003 meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecological Economics (CANSEE) in Jasper, Alberta. The paper, “Keeping the Garden Green,” explained the philosophy behind, and operationalizing of, Prince Edward Island’s
Sustainable Resource Policy.

Planning and Evaluation

Staff supported different community groups and projects. Strategic planning and facilitation was provided to the Trout River Watershed Group and assistance in the development of a management plan. Staff also helped develop terms of reference for the Wild Blueberry Growers.

Research and Analysis

The department’s strategic plan of the department calls for periodic surveys of the department’s clientele which attempt to measure public opinion on agriculture and forestry issues. The most recent survey was completed in fall, 2003. Staff contributed provincial perspective to ongoing federal-provincial consultations on biosafety and climate change. Internally, staff provided research in the following areas for internal clients: outcome-based programs, strategic planning, comprehensive land use planning, information management, nutriceuticals and functional foods, and alternate forms of measurement.


The document, State of the Environment Report was released by the province in June, 2003. Staff worked with the Department of Environment and Energy to develop indicators which will best measure and define progress in natural resource management. Staff also worked with other government agencies to provide advice in the following areas: adoption of agri-environmental indicators appropriate for Prince Edward Island (under the Agricultural Policy Framework), apprenticeship (through the Agriculture Human Resource Development Council), the Science and Innovation pillar of the Agriculture Policy Framework, and ongoing reporting of data from farm programs and government expenditures for the compilation of the Farm Income and Financial Conditions Data Book prepared by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The division co-sponsored (with the Canadian Rural Partnership) a study on the value of Social Capital in Agriculture which will form a final volume of the Genuine Progress Index (GPI) Agriculture Accounts.
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