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PEI Analytical Lab - Dairy Testing

The PEI Analytical Dairy testing Laboratories provide analytical support to dairy farmers and dairy processors within Atlantic Canada.

Cow’s milk offered for sale to processors is analyzed by both the compositional and microbiology labs to provide data used for payment and regulatory purposes. The required analytical results are provided to processors for determination of payment amounts and Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island (DFPEI) for monitoring of required test values identified in the DFPEI Board Orders. Test results are exported to the Atlantic Veterinary College’s Maritime Quality Milk secure website on a daily basis. Dairy farmers may arrange for access to their test results on the Maritime Quality Milk (MQM) website by contacting the Dairy Farmers of PEI board office at 892-5331 or toll free at 1-800-240-9719.

Dairy Composition Laboratory

The Dairy Composition section of PEI Analytical Laboratories is responsible for testing of raw and processed milk, as well as all milk samples that are received as part of the Valacta herd recording program.  This program provides results for individually tested cow’s milk within each participating herd in Atlantic Canada.  The Valacta program is an optional program in which producers in the Atlantic region may participate.  Essential milk component information is provided to the dairy producer and establishes individual cow production records.  The laboratory delivers the results to the Valacta data processing site in Quebec electronically within minutes of testing which makes it possible for the producer to receive their final report within the same workday.

Dairy Composition Photos

Dairy Microbiology Laboratory

The Dairy Microbiology section of PEI Analytical Laboratories is responsible for microbiological testing of raw milk, processed milk, and processed dairy products. Raw milk testing is conducted for producers, processors, and purchasing agencies and includes bacterial enumeration by automated and traditional methods. In addition, antibiotic residue testing is offered to producers and processors on a voluntary and confirmatory basis respectively.

Processed milk and dairy product testing is conducted for both federally registered and non registered processing facilities. Samples submitted by non registered facilities are tested in accordance with Schedule III of The Public Health Act, Milk Processing Regulations. Samples submitted by federally registered processing facilities are done so on a voluntary basis.

Dairy Microbiology Photos

Clients are encouraged to contact PEI Analytical Laboratories staff directly for further information on testing, pricing and to make arrangements for analysis


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