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E-Letter - February 26, 2016

Welcome to the E-Letter

If anyone has feedback or items that they would like to see in the E- Letter, please contact Suzanne MacNeill:

TABLE OF CONTENTS (click on the topic below to view the information)

20 questions for your N program
Dale Cowan’s 20 Questions are in part a step-wise evaluation for farmers to assess how their decisions on rates, timing, sources and placement of different N sources affect yield and environmental outcomes, without having to draw the N-cycle schematic.

8 Ag Numbers to Know in '16
Whether you're wondering what to plant or how to adjust your marketing plan for the year ahead, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the latest numbers from USDA. Released at the agency's annual Agricultural Outlook Forum in Arlington, Va., these figures provide the framework for USDA's regular data releases and the market's assumptions about ag commodities in the months and years ahead.

Follow us on Twitter @AgInfoPEI
The PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries's Agriculture Information Twitter feeds will be your source for agriculture events and workshops on PEI. Tweet us today!

Growing Forward 2 programs available

PEI Market Reports

AgWeather Atlantic Website

Food Matters blog Ian Petrie writes about agriculture on PEI.

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Commodity events are listed under their respective commodities.

March 4-5 - 2016 Soil Management & Best Practices Workshop, Rodd's Royalty, Charlottetown

March 15 - National Farmers Union District Convention, Milton Community Hall, North Milton

Calendar of Events

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Three Options to Renew your Pesticide Class A License - 2015/2016
To renew your pesticide applicator certificate there are three options available for you:

  1. Renewal of your certificate by receiving Continuing Education Credits.

    Training dates for Day A & Day B for 2015/2016.
    March 8, Rodd Royalty Charlottetown March 10, Rodd Royalty Charlottetown


  2. You can also renew your license by attending a one day training course and writing the exam at the end of the day.
    • March 18 - Rodd Royalty Charlottetown


  3. You can make an appointment to write the two hour exam by calling Thane Clarke at the Department of Environment, Labour and Justice at (902) 368- 5599

Should you have questions or require information as to which Day you have taken or which day you need to attend to renew your certificate, please do not hesitate to contact Muriel Power at (902) 368-4154 You can make an appointment to write the two hour exam by calling Muriel Power, PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry (902) 368-4154.


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Lower Loonie Supports Record Canadian Farm Income in 2015, Slight Drop Coming in 2016: AAFC
Canadian farm income hit a record high in 2015, and is expected to drop slightly in 2016, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The impact of a weaker Canadian dollar supporting domestic prices is evident throughout the department’s 2016 Canadian Agricultural Outlook, which was published on Friday, February 19 .


  • February 29 - Dollars and Sense: Farm Management Study Report - Colin Siren
  • March 16 - Agrilight Presents: Lighting Strategies for Livestock Barns - Andrew Hannon
  • March 24 - Agriculture More Than Ever Presents: You use WHAT on your farm? Explaining modern farming to your non-farming friends - Ted Menzies



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March 18-19 -Maritime Beef Conference, Moncton

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Do potassium levels affect my weed management?
Soils that test “low” in potassium negatively affect weed control in soybeans. When soils test low for potassium, soybean plants will express deficiency symptoms that reduce canopy closure and allow more weeds to germinate and compete with the soybean crop for other resources.

Corn isn’t just about crop heat units
New shorter-season hybrids are just part of the Prairie corn picture. Just as important will be the local research to fine-tune how they’ll fit into the production system

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Canola: Good Protein Source for Dairy Cattle
Agricultural Research Service dairy scientists in Wisconsin are helping dairy farmers weigh the merits of a relatively new option for feeding their cattle: Using canola meal as a protein supplement.

Prioritize your dairy’s cooling and ventilation
When ventilating dairy facilities, minimizing heat stress is not the only concern. You herd’s health thrives year-round on fresh air, but it may be a challenge to determine where the dairy’s dollars should be spent on cooling and ventilation.

Hoard's Dairyman Webinar: Getting the most bang for your vaccination dollar
Have you ever wondered if the vaccines you administer are helping calf health on your operation? Or if there are vaccines you should start using to keep calves healthier? This webinar reviews vaccines that are appropriate for calves and the factors that impact their effectiveness.

March 1 - Winter Calf Meeting, Rodd Royalty Inn Charlottetown, PEI

Atlantic Dairy Calendar
Here you will find information on upcoming events happening in the Atlantic dairy industry.

Dairy Quota Exchange

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Fruit and veggie box companies focus on local produce to keep prices down
Fresh fruit and vegetable prices may be climbing at a rapid rate, but the costs of food delivery box subscriptions are holding steady as economic and weather forces align to make local food a better deal.

2015 BUYPEI program

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PEI Woodlot Owner's Association website
PEIWOA is an inclusive group of woodlot owners that encourages Islanders to create a more sustainable forest ecosystem and forest resource on Prince Edward Island

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Bees Abuzz Over Rapini
Popular in Italy but also grown in the United States, rapini (or broccoli raab) is a turnip-like vegetable that’s featured in the recipes of cable television’s top celebrity chefs. But foodies are not the only fans of rapini. Honey bees love it too—or more precisely, they love rapini’s bright-yellow, pollen-packed flowers.

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March 31- April 2 - Atlantic Cranberry Management Course, Chalrottetown

March 5 - , Murchison Centre, Charlottetown

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Breeding: Fertile Conformation
Breeding your mare will be much easier if she is built for the job. Dr. Michelle LeBlanc has spent more than 25 years working on the mare side of equine reproduction. She knows that a mare’s external form counts when you’re assessing her ability to function as a broodmare.

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Late Blight Offensive: Targeting Tomatoes
A campaign to promote blight-resistant tomatoes in Prince Edward Island is not only benefitting home gardeners but is also a boon to the Island’s commercial potato industry.

February 26-27 International Potato Technology Expo, Charlottetown PEI

March 14 - Wireworm Meeting, Red Shores, Charlottetown

March 30 -Tighter Row Spacing in Potato Production -webinar, 1:00 p.m. ET
Expert views on how tighter row spacing can improve yields, quality and reduce defects.

Terminal Market Potato Prices

These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

FOB Potato Prices
These price data are compiled by USDA AMS Market News Service.

Reports on Potato Supplies, Movement,Stocks, and Usage
This data are compiled by North American Potato Market News.

US National Potato & Onion Report


Age Weighs Heavy for American Lamb
Challenging times lie ahead for the American lamb industry. Americans consume less than 380 g per capita with 52 per cent coming from the Southern Hemisphere. This once popular protein continues to experience limited demand, writes John Wilkes.

PEI Sheep Breeders Website


Improving Sow Reproductive Efficiency Using Genomic Selection
ommercial pig breeding in general follows a crossbreeding program, where the selection decisions are made within a pure breeding nucleus and the final slaughter pigs are produced from crossbreeding in commercial herds, writes Dinesh M. Thekkoot, PhD, Genesus.


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Ensuring Data Privacy In Agriculture
Just about every company connected to agriculture is or is trying to gather data from the farmer. So attests Kris Tom, co-owner of Tom Farms, Leesburg, IN. Such a tsunami of activity confirms not only the value of growers’ information but the need to clarify the legal rights and responsibilities surrounding its use.


We welcome your feedback. Suggestions, questions, or comments can be made to the Agriculture Information Desk at 368-4145 or 1-866-734-3276, or by e-mail to

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