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Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding

The purpose of the Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Act is to provide stable funding for General Farm Organizations in Prince Edward Island. At present two organizations have been identified to receive funding under the Act:

  • PEI Federation of Agriculture
  • National Farmers Union


The Act allows stable funding for both these organizations to advocate on behalf of farm businesses, and for the organizations to provide services and opportunities to their members.

The registration fees is based on a sliding scale. The sliding scale is based on the gross income from farming for the farm business in the previous tax year.

What will the Registrar of Farms do with the information collected?

The Registrar will provide the general farm organization designated with the contact information provided by the farmer on the registration form. The information provided will not be made available to other farm organizations or a private business. Personal information provided is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information may be used to determine eligibility for government programs or benefits and exemptions under enactments.

How much are the registration fees?

The registration fee is based on the farm business annual gross income for the immediately preceding taxation year.

PEI Federation of Agriculture
Gross Income Registration Fee HST Total Fee
0 to $ 99,999 $150.00 + $21.00 HST = $171.00
$100,000 to $250,000 $250.00 + $35.00 HST = $285.00
Greater than $250,000 $375.00 +$52.50 HST = $427.50
National Farmers Union
Gross Income Registration Fee
0 to $ 99,999 $150.00
$100,000 to $250,000 $250.00
Greater than $250,000 $375.00

What will the Registrar of Farms do with the fees collected?

All of the money collected will be transferred to the general farm organization as designated by the applicants.

Requesting a refund

A farmer may request a refund of the registration fee. The refund process involves sending a letter to the farm organization designated, to receive the fee, by June 1st. The farm organizations are required to send out refunds by July 1st. A farmer is still required to register and submit the registration fee to the Registrar of Farms, even if he/she intends to request a refund.

For addition information

Federation of Agriculture
Robert Godfrey- Executive Director
phone: (902) 368-7289
cell: 902-393-6684
National Farmers Union
Edith Ling, Women's District Director
phone: (902) 368-1262


Farm Registration Form

General Contact Information

Name : 
Carolyn Wood
Address : 
5th Floor, Jones Building

Service Location

Jones Building

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