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LandonLine Geographic Information

Over the years, the Department has collected geographic information to aid in managing land and water resources. This data is being made available free of charge to all individuals who own land. To maintain the privacy of property owners, we are assigning user names and passwords to all landowners. After signing in you will be allowed to view information on your registered properties. If you lease land, you will be required to have the landowners permission to view his/her property.

Land Owner Registration
The Department will assign a user name and password to a landowner wishing to have access to their LandonLine property information. To maintain privacy, landowners are provided with access to only their contact information. Individuals are assigned a personal username and password. Prior to the password being issued the identity of the landowner must be confirmed. After signing in, the landowner will be allowed to view the site specific geographic information on his/her registered properties.

If land is leased a “Landowner’s Permission Form” must be signed-off by the landowner prior to property information being given to the lessee.

To register, please contact the GIS Coordinator, Department of Agriculture and Forestry at 902-569-7598.

If you are already registered, sign in.


Farmer Profile Registration
The Department maintains contact information on Island farmers. This information provides staff with the ability to notify farmers about departmental programs and services. In the farmer profile database you are able to subscribe and unsubscribe from commodity newsletters.

Farmers who are assigned a LandonLine personal username and password will also be able to access their farmer profiles. To maintain privacy, individuals are able to access only their own contact information.

If you are having difficulty logging into PEILandonline, please contact the GIS Coordinator, Department of Agriculture and Forestry at 902-569-7598.

If you are already registered, sign in.


Land Owner's Permission Form

General Contact Information

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GIS Coordinator

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