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PEI Analytical Laboratory

The PEI Analytical Laboratory is located at 23 Innovation Way, Bio Commons Park in Charlottetown. Phone number is 620-3300. Samples can be dropped off directly at the lab at 23 Innovation Way or at most Access PEI sites.

For clients outside of the Charlottetown area samples may be dropped off at your nearest Access PEI location. Please contact the Access PEI Office in your area for scheduled sample pickup days.


PEI Analytical Laboratories is a full service laboratory that offers a variety of testing services. The major focus at PEI Analytical Laboratories is agricultural and environmental testing. This includes; dairy, feed, water, compost, manure, plant tissue, seed and soil samples.

Dairy Testing
The Provincial Dairy Laboratory provides Island dairy farmers with their milk test results.

Plant Disease Diagnostic Services
The Plant Disease Diagnostic Service provides farmers, agri-business, agricultural extension staff and the general public with a disease identification and control advisory service. Diagnoses are based on visual examination of symptoms, microscopic observation and explicit laboratory techniques. The objective of this program is to provide clients with a fundamental service, identifying the problem and providing information to control the problem if possible, and to prevent any reoccurrence. All sample results are followed up with a written disease diagnostic report.

Soil and Feed Testing
The Soil and Feed Testing Laboratory is a modern accredited facility providing the most up-to-date and accurate chemical analyses on soil, feed, plant tissue, and greenhouse media. It also provides specialized tests such as seed germination, manure and compost analyses. Access your test results, as well as information on interpreting the results.(click here)

Water Testing
The Department of Environment, Justice and Labour provides water testing services for a variety of clients through the PEI Analytical Laboratories. Drinking water samples are analysed for private well owners, for tourist accommodations and for municipal and other central water supply systems. Water quality results are assessed according to the recommendations of the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality published by Health Canada.


Request for Dairy Analysis
Feed Analysis Request Form
Analyse d’aliment pour du bétail
Greenhouse and Potting Soil Analysis Request Form
Analyse de serriculture
Plant Disease Diagnostic Form
Plant Tissue Analysis Request Form
Analyse de tissus végétaux
Seed Germination Analysis Request Form
Soil Sample Analysis Request Form
Analyse du sol
Special Products Analysis Request Form
Analyse de produit spécial

General Contact Information

Address : 
23 Innovation Way - BioCommons
Charlottetown, PE

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