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Census Documents Data Search

Welcome to the Prince Edward Island Census Data Search. This site provides valuable information about the people of Prince Edward Island for those interested in genealogy, history, and the geography of the colony of Prince Edward Island in the 19th and early-20th centuries.

A number of Census documents, both full Census and index only, are available for search, as well as various supporting documents for each individual year. Currently there are 4 searchable Census documents available:

  • 1841 Census: Full Census Detail, covering roughly 40% of the colony.
  • 1881 Census: Index to all individuals.
  • 1891 Census: Index to all individuals except for Lots 21 & 22 (missing from the original record).
  • 1901 Census: Index to all individuals.

For an index to the 1911 Census, please visit Automated Genealogy

A note about the Census indexes for 1891 and 1901:
The census searches for 1891 and 1901 are a joint project of the Public Archives and Records Office and the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society. The Genealogical Society volunteers have transcribed the entire 1891 and 1901 censuses and have developed databases, and printed volumes for each Lot, which contain complete census information. These indexes are owned by the P.E.I. Genealogical Society and are provided in this format for research purposes only. Copying of the complete indexes is prohibited.

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or check out the supporting documents for the following Census years:

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