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Public Archives and Records Office
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Architectural Plans

Acc3452/4: Brown Block, Richmond Street, Charlottetown

'The Subject is Taste': Architectural Plans at the Public Archives and Records Office

Prince Edward Island's built heritage is an evocative symbol of our past. Historic churches, houses and businesses speak to more than the day-to-day; they give us a sense of how those who came before us saw themselves, what they valued and how they hoped to be remembered.

An ever-growing number of the Island's heritage places have been recognized under the Province's Heritage Places Protection Act and the heritage by-laws enacted by the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside. With the entry of many of these places onto the Canadian Register of Historic Places, Prince Edward Island's heritage places have taken on a national significance.

Drawn from the extensive collection of architectural plans at the Public Archives and Records office, many of the buildings depicted on this site have been recognized for their heritage character by the Province of Prince Edward Island. Combined with short biographies of the architects who designed them, these plans remind us that our history is literally all around us.

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(Title quote taken from the frontpiece dedication in John Plaw's 1796 Rural Architecture; or Designs, From the Simple Cottage to the Decorated Villa, Including Some Which Have Been Executed. Plaw immigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1807.)

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