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History of Sport and Recreation on Prince Edward Island, 1850-1950

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Bankers Hockey Team, 1917-1918
At the beginning of the 21st century, sport has become an established and popular part of life for many people in Canada. There exists in the country today a diverse range of sporting and recreational activities, organized throughout the seasons, and pursued by individuals from many walks of life, whether professionally, competitively or simply for pleasure. The vibrant sport scene that we enjoy today on Prince Edward Island developed from modest beginnings in the early decades of the 19th century, at a time when sport in the province was not formally organized. In these early years, most sporting activities were practical, rather than recreational or competitive, dominated by activities like hunting, fishing and canoeing, which supported the essential needs of the inhabitants. By 1850, as Prince Edward Island was becoming more developed and urbanized, Island society gradually began to embrace sporting pursuits for the pleasurable merits they held. Over the course of the next one hundred years, sport in the province would evolve into a flourishing network of activities and pastimes, with many talented teams and players making an enduring contribution to the sporting heritage of Prince Edward Island.

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