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Island to Island: British Immigration to Prince Edward Island 1763-1870

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PARO Acc. 2277, Vol.1, 1775-1787
Day Book of Benjamin Chappell
Benjamin Chappell, a young English wheelwright from London, was amongst the earliest British pioneers to settle on the Island. Arriving in 1774 on board a ship chartered by Robert Clarke, the proprietor of Lot 21, Chappell was soon to discover the challenges that settlement presented. His day books, which begin in January 1775, offer a unique insight into early pioneer life on the Island, recounting as they do some of the hardships and difficulties that affected the colony, such as severe winter weather and "want of provisions". Although life for the early pioneers was difficult and often uncertain, many of them, like Benjamin Chappell, persevered against the adversities of their new landscape to establish themselves successfully on the Island.

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