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Gray Catbird

More about the Gray Catbird on the Internet

The following websites can help you learn more about the Gray Catbird species. These websites are maintained by other organizations, and when you click on the links below, you'll be visiting their websites, not ours.

Seasonal Frequency

You can use the following as a guide to when you can most easily expect to spot members of the Gray Catbird species on Prince Edward Island. This information comes from The Natural History Society of Prince Edward Island which retains and publishes records of bird sightings.

March 16 to May 31
(northerly migration)

Uncommon, 1 - 12 birds per fortnight
June 1 to August 15
(nesting season)

Uncommon, 1 - 12 birds per fortnight
August 16 to December 14
(southerly migration)

Rare, 1 - 5 birds per season
December 15 to March 15
Not found

Nesting on PEI

The Gray Catbird is known or believed to nest on PEI.

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