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Backgrounder: Workforce Renewal Program

A new Workforce Renewal Program is available to employees of the Civil Service, the Education sector and the Health sector. The program offers incentives to eligible employees who wish to leave government voluntarily through early retirement or voluntary severance opportunities.

The program will create flexibility in the workforce in order to realign human resources with program delivery requirements.

Although the major components of the program are similar in all three sectors, there are some unique options in each sector based on organizational requirements and the provisions of the various pension plans. Interested employees are advised to contact their Human Resource departments to discuss their eligibility and options.

The Voluntary Retirement Option is available to employees who have the required years of service and are vested in their pension plans. In addition to regular retirement pay provisions outlined in the various agreements, approved full-time employees will receive a financial incentive of 26 weeks pay under the voluntary retirement option. Bridging incentives are available to employees based on the provisions of the pension plans. Several conditions for eligibility apply. This information is contained in the full program documents.

The Voluntary Severance Option provides a similar financial incentive of up to 26 weeks pay. It is available to employees who are not yet eligible for retirement benefits. Eligible seasonal employees in the Civil Service who agree to terminate their position by April 30, 2005 will receive half of what they earned during their last term of employment.

Employees are eligible for voluntary retirement or severance incentives based on the needs of the organization. Employers may be unable to approve an application in situations where recruitment is a challenge or where the position is essential and cannot be eliminated. Participating instructional staff in the Education sector can begin their retirement at the end of this school term.

The Workforce Renewal Program is being coordinated by the Public Service Commission, Deputy Ministers, Health Authority CEO's, School Board Superintendents, and Human Resources staff in all sectors.

Interested employees should contact their Human Resources manager for further details on the program and their eligibility.
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