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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get help using the MapGuide Viewer tools?
The MapGuide Viewer is available for download from our download page. You can find out more about the tools in the MapGuide View on our MapGuide Help page.
2. How can I customize my mapping preferences?
By right clicking on your mouse in the map window, you can activate a pop-up menu that allows you to perform and customize map functions and features.
3. How can I calculate distance on the map?
You can calculate distance by right-clicking your mouse on the map window and choosing Calculate Distance from the pop-up menu.
Click left mouse button on your desired starting point on the map and move your mouse to your end point; the distance from start to end will be displayed in a small, yellow pop-up window above your mouse pointer as you move your mouse.
To measure the cumulative distance along a path of points, simply proceed as above, move to the next point and click your left mouse button, and so on. The cumulative distance will be displayed as above.You can right-click your mouse button while calculating any distance to shut off this tool.
4. Why is there no compass rose on the aerial photos?
The orientation of the of aerial photos varies depending on the series and flight path; as a result, you cannot assume that north is "up" on these photographs, nor that two photographs of the same region from different years are oriented in the same direction.
5. How do I import the addresses I have downloaded into a database or spreadsheet?
Consult the Help section of the database or spreadsheet application you are using. A section should be included which outlines how to transfer data into the application you wish to use.
6. Why is my community not included in the drop down list?
Your community may not be a community name for civic addressing purposes. You can use the Civic Addressing Communities tool to determine under which civic addressing community, your community is listed under for civic addressing purposes.
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