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Street Name Planner

IN MAY 2000, ALL STREETS AND ROADS on Prince Edward Island were assigned official names as part of implementing the 911 Emergency Response System.
Street names were selected so that there are no duplicates within a civic address community. In the same fashion, new streets created in the future must not duplicate existing names.
To avoid submitting duplicate street names on your next development project, you can use this tool to identify existing street names in your civic address community.
This is the search by fire coverage area. You can also search by community.

Select a Fire Coverage Area

Select a fire coverage area to display a list of all of the existing street names in that area.

Disclaimer:   Civic address communities have been defined solely for the purpose of supporting a provincial 911 emergency response system. The Civic Address Locator will provide information on the general geographic area of a particular address or Property Identification Number. Civic address communities do not represent all recognized and distinct communities on Prince Edward Island and caution should be applied if civic address communities are used for any purpose other than the provincial 911 emergency response system.