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New Website
The Government of Prince Edward Island has a new website -

Important Notice
In the event of a storm delay or closure, a notice will be posted and updated on the new government website. To ensure you have information that is accurate and current, please use


Comments Policy

The intended use of social media by the Government of Prince Edward Island is for strategic communications and engagement with citizens and stakeholders. Social media channels are monitored and maintained by moderators.  

Moderators will remove any or all comments or links posted to Government of PEI websites and social media channels that:
  • are spam;
  • promote or advertise personal websites or commercial purposes deemed inappropriate;
  • contain threatening, offensive, racist, hateful or defamatory content;
  • contain copyrighted material;
  • provide non-published or private information about Government of PEI or its employees such as personal e-mails, home phone numbers or addresses; and/or
  • off topic comments not related to the particular discussion or issue being addressed.  (Comments may be submitted via the our contact page at
  • identical comments by the same user (the first submission will be posted).
  • are partisan in nature.

How are comments are moderated?

All comments on Government of PEI social media channels are moderated by employees.  Moderating will generally occur during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time), Monday through Friday. Comments submitted after hours, on weekends or on statutory holidays will be acted upon as early as possible.

Who do I contact with a media question?

Media are asked to direct questions through communications contacts.

Government of Prince Edward Island social media channels:

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