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Consumer Services

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Welcome to the official website of the Consumer Services. Consumer Services administers consumer protection legislation for the province of Prince Edward Island.  Legislation includes:

  • Auctioneers Act
  • Business Practices Act
  • Charities Act
  • Collection Agencies Act
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Consumer Reporting Act
  • Direct Sellers Act
  • Films Act
  • Gift Cards Act
  • Payday Loans Act
  • The Prearranged Funeral Services Act
  • Lottery Schemes Order

In the course of our duties, we:

  • License and regulate auctioneers
  • License and regulate companies and individuals that direct sell
  • License and regulate collection agencies and collectors
  • License and regulate consumer reporting agencies
  • License charitable gaming

The Consumer Services Office hears, mediates and investigates consumer-related complaints.  When the Office receives a complaint, it considers the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Not all matters are covered by legislation.  In those situations, the Office offers an opportunity to resolve the problem through a voluntary process of dispute resolution/mediation.  We do not have the power to order the return of money or property.  If the Consumer Services Office is unable to reach a voluntary settlement between the parties, consumers are generally advised to seek a resolution by other means, such as seeking a court remedy.

We also provide consumer education and information and answer numerous general inquiries from the public giving people advice or direction to a more appropriate agency.


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