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Consumer Services

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Steps to Resolve the Problem

  • Put your complaint in writing (Sample Letter of Complaint). If it is necessary to call, keep a written log of who you spoke to, what was said, and the date and time of the conversation.


  • Find out exactly who should receive your complaint; a customer service manager, a store manager, or the owner of the business.


  • Be clear in stating the problem and how you want it to be resolved. Stick to the facts.


  • Include as much information as possible about the product, such as a serial model or brand name and number and any actions you have taken so far to resolve the problem.


  • Include copies of receipts, warranties, repair invoices. Keep the originals.
  • Request a reasonable time for a response.


  • If you don’t receive satisfaction within a reasonable time, contact the manufacturer.


  • If you still do not receive satisfaction, contact Consumer Services at 902-368-4580 or toll-free (PEI only) 1-800-658-1799.
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