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Supreme Court -old

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About the Supreme Court of P.E.I.

There are three levels of court in Prince Edward Island: the Youth Court, the Provincial Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has two divisions, the Appeal Division and the Trial Division. There are eight justices serving on the Supreme Court, five in the Trial Division and three in the Appeal Division. The Trial Division sits in Georgetown, Charlottetown and Summerside while the Appeal Division sits only in Charlottetown.

The Trial Division

The Trial Division deals with pre-trial matters and hears trials in general civil matters, family matters, small claims, estate or probate as well as indictable criminal matters heard with or without a jury. The Trial Division also hears applications for judicial review from decisions of tribunals and summary conviction appeals from Provincial Court. Appeals from the decisions of the Trial Division are to the Appeal Division.

The Appeal Division

The Appeal Division hears appeals from Provincial Court on indictable criminal matters as well as appeals from all decisions of the Trial Division. Appeals from the decisions of the Appeal Division are to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Supreme Court Judgments

In many proceedings the justices of the Supreme Court give written reasons for their decision or judgment. These reasons are filed with the Registrar of the Court, delivered to the parties, to members of the Law Society, to various electronic databases and legal publishers. In an effort to provide broader access to the public this Web site contains the reasons for judgment commencing as of January 1, 1997.

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