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Valuing Diversity

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Diversity Employment Program

Valuing Workplace Diversity Image The Diversity Employment Program, administered by the Public Service Commission's Staffing and HR Planning Division, has been in existence for more than 10 years. The PSC encourages departments and agencies to identify potential employment opportunities, including casual and temporary positions, for qualified candidates from designated groups who are registered in the PSC diversity inventory. The Diversity Program can also refer diversity group applicants, who meet job requirements, to departments for term positions for which they qualify.

The Diversity Employment Program also has a summer program for students from designated groups that use the same outlined process to provide short-term summer job opportunities in the Public Service.


To register with the PEI Diversity Employment program, candidates must be a member of one of the designated diversity groups, however we also encourage candidates from other diversity groups that do not fall into any of our under represented groups to register:

The Process
  1. Job openings are first advertised to internal applicants according to collective agreement articles. If the position is not filled internally, then departments can approach the PSC for a diversity client placement.
  2. Qualified applicants are referred to departments / agencies for screening and interviews based on their needs and available opportunities.
  3. The applicant can then be appointed by the PSC for a specified term.
  4. Where successful, applicants may have their term of employment extended by the PSC on recommendation by the department.
  5. The PSC Diversity Consultant will monitor the employee’s progress and provide support.
  6. Should the applicant retain continuous employment for a one-year period, he or she would then be eligible to compete for internal competitions as an internal candidate.

Benefits to provincial departments who participate in the Diversity Employment Program  

  • Departments contribute to the development of a public service that is representative of the province’s diversity.
  • The departmental workplace becomes better prepared for the changing face of the PEI labour force and the rising inclusion expectations of immigrants, visible minorities' members, aboriginal people and the disability population. 
  • Diversity and inclusiveness in our workforce increase service excellence, working partnerships with external organizations, marketing services, products, negotiating contracts, attracting tourism, economic benefits and population growth etc.
  • Inclusiveness in the workplace enables employers to anticipate and avoid legal repercussions.  Providing equitable services to a diverse population is a socially responsible action.  It tends to also result in increased productivity and greater public satisfaction.

IMPORTANT: Eligible Diversity Employment Program candidates are also advised to visit the Public Service Commission Job Opportunities webpage to view current/available job postings, download application forms, and create an account in order to apply online (We encourage all candidates to indicate voluntarily on their application if they belong to a designated diversity group).


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