School Effectiveness

School Effectiveness Department

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The School Effectiveness Department is responsible for providing leadership and support to administrators and their staff in achieving the goals and objectives of their school.

The Director and Leaders of School Effectiveness supervise schools within Families of Schools.  This includes providing advice, support, leadership, and crisis management for schools; and providing leadership for the professional learning of principals and vice principals.  School Supervisors are also responsible for the guidance, supervision, and evaluation of school principals.  This department oversees the Equal Changes for Learning Fund, and coordinates technology used for the collection and analysis of data and reporting of school and department plans.

The School Effectiveness Department fulfills a number of leadership and support roles in the English Language School, including:

  • School Effectiveness Plans
  • School Collaborative Teams
  • Beginning Teacher Induction
  • Principal and Vice-Principal Professional Learning
  • Supervision, guidance, and evaluation of school principals
  • Families of Schools support
  • Equal Chances for Learning Fund administration
  • Software tools for school effectiveness and data analysis 
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