Policies and Procedures

Policies, Procedures, Regulations, Directives, & Guidelines

On May 27, 2013, the Board of Trustees for the English Language School Board passed a motion to carry forward many of the operational policies and regulations of the former ESD and WSB.  These policies and regulations will continue to apply to the geographical areas of the former ESD and WSB, respectively, until rescinded or replaced.

Policies, Procedures, Regulations, Directives, and Guidelines:

ELSB Governance Policies and Procedures
ELSB Operational Policies and Procedures
Policies, Regulations, and Directives of the Former Eastern School District (ESD)
Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines of the Former Western School Board (WSB)


Proposed Policies – English Language School Board


Prince Edward Island School Act and School Act Regulations (after reaching the linked page, choose Education, then click on the “View Statues and Regulations” button to access the School Act and its Regulations, as well as other education-related statues and regulations)
PEI Department of Education – Minister’s Directives
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