Dressing for Cooler Weather!

We have had wonderful weather this fall with some very warm days.  The weather is becoming more seasonal which means cooler days.  We are outdoors whenever possible so our students need to be dressed for the temperature.  Please check to see that your children have the warm clothing they need for this time of year.

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QSP Fundraiser

Thank you to all who supported our QSP fundraiser.  All items were given to our students last week so they could deliver to those who purchased items.  Please make sure you have all the items that you ordered.  If there are missing our broken items, please notify Mrs. Finniss in writing by Monday, October 31st.

Thank you again for your support!


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November HotLunches

The menu for HotLunches for November is now up for ordering.  The deadline for orders to be in –  Sunday, October 30th at midnight.

There are no changes to the menu other than Borrowed Kitchen is offering Grilled Cheese Combo and Soft Taco Wrap Combo this month.  There is a Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese sandwich available from Borrowed Kitchen.  This is only for students who have been diagnosed as having celiac disease.

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School Notes for October 17 – 21

  1.  There is a meeting for the Three Oaks Family of Schools at Summerside Intermediate School tonight at 7:30.  The purpose of the meeting is to present the data on our family of schools to the public and ensure they have the opportunity to understand the data, the issues and the review process.  More infomation on the School Review can be found at:   www.princeedwardisland.ca/betterlearningforall/
  2. The October Newsletter went home today with students.  It is also posted under the      Newsletter page (See above).
  3. The November HotLunches menu will be up and open for ordering by Monday, October 24th.  It will cover November 1st to November 30th.
  4. For our Cross Country runners – Due to the poor weather expected on Saturday, the Provincial Cross Country Meet has been  re-scheduled for Saturday, October 29th.  Mrs. Webster will be providing information to our runners tomorrow.
  5. A notice of a Halloween Dance went home yesterday with students in Grade 3 to 6. Please check the details on this notice and be sure that the bottom portion of the notice is returned, with the correct amount of money, if your son or daughter wishes to attend.
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Greenfield Celebrates International Day of Peace

peace2016For the past three years, we have celebrated International Day of Peace at Greenfield with a wonderful picture of all students and staff and an outdoor celebration.  Above is our picture for this year – we are all there!

Thank you to Mr. Downey and Mrs. MacIssac-Gallant for making this happen.

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One Hour Delay – Tuesday, October 11th

All schools in the Public Schools Branch are on a one-hour delay today .


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School Review

The Public Schools Branch has undertaken an in-depth review of six families of schools.  As the review proceeds, information will be updated on the school review web page at:


Greenfield Elementary School is in the Three Oaks Family of Schools.  This family of schools is not one of the six families that is involved in the in-depth review.  However, there will be an information meeting for our school family on October 20th (7:30 PM) at Summerside Intermediate School.  The purpose of the meeting is to present data to the public and ensure they have opportunities to understand the data, the issues, and the review process.

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September Newsletter

Our September Newsletter is now posted.  It can be found under the Parent Page or you can open it below:


Don’t forget to get lunch orders in for October. Sunday night at midnight is the deadline.

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Tips for Toast

Tips for Toast is a program that was started at Greenfield as a way of receiving donations for our Breakfast Program.  Before HotLunches, we had “paper” ordering for our lunch program.  Parents could round up the amount owing for lunches (e.g. $12.45 to $13.00) as a way for providing support to the Breakfast Program.   These small amounts went a long way to seeing that our Breakfast Program had the dollars it needed to provide breakfast each day for every student who wanted it.

With the change to the Hotlunches online ordering system, we still have Tips for Toast.  Parents who wish to contribute to the Breakfast Program can select the Tips for Toast option in the HotLunches menu which is on the last ordering day of each month.

As our school community knows, we have a wonderful Breakfast Program.  It is supported and managed by a wonderful group of volunteers who provide a healthy breakfast to our students.  Although some government dollars are provided to school breakfast programs, this does not cover the amount needed to run the program.  Please consider contributing to Tips for Toast.

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October HotLunches Menu

The HotLunches menu for October is now up and open for ordering.

  1.  The menu is open until October 2nd at midnight.  Please have your orders in by this time.  Late orders will not be accepted.
  2. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please have it to the office by Monday, October 3rd.
  3. The menu includes the dates of Monday, October 3rd to Monday, October 31st inclusive.
  4. Thursday, October 2oth is Free Milk day.  Any child who wants milk (white or chocolate) on that day will receive it.  Teachers will take orders on  the day before in their classrooms.  You can not order online.  Thank you to the School Milk Program!
  5. Parents may not know that the garlic finger offered on Mondays from Domino’s is the same size as a pizza slice.  We have some children ordering one of each and it does seem like a lot for some of our younger students.
  6. Please let Amy or Mrs. Jay know if you need any help with ordering or have any questions about the program.
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