Tips for Toast

Tips for Toast is a program that was started at Greenfield as a way of receiving donations for our Breakfast Program.  Before HotLunches, we had “paper” ordering for our lunch program.  Parents could round up the amount owing for lunches (e.g. $12.45 to $13.00) as a way for providing support to the Breakfast Program.   These small amounts went a long way to seeing that our Breakfast Program had the dollars it needed to provide breakfast each day for every student who wanted it.

With the change to the Hotlunches online ordering system, we still have Tips for Toast.  Parents who wish to contribute to the Breakfast Program can select the Tips for Toast option in the HotLunches menu which is on the last ordering day of each month.

As our school community knows, we have a wonderful Breakfast Program.  It is supported and managed by a wonderful group of volunteers who provide a healthy breakfast to our students.  Although some government dollars are provided to school breakfast programs, this does not cover the amount needed to run the program.  Please consider contributing to Tips for Toast.

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October HotLunches Menu

The HotLunches menu for October is now up and open for ordering.

  1.  The menu is open until October 2nd at midnight.  Please have your orders in by this time.  Late orders will not be accepted.
  2. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please have it to the office by Monday, October 3rd.
  3. The menu includes the dates of Monday, October 3rd to Monday, October 31st inclusive.
  4. Thursday, October 2oth is Free Milk day.  Any child who wants milk (white or chocolate) on that day will receive it.  Teachers will take orders on  the day before in their classrooms.  You can not order online.  Thank you to the School Milk Program!
  5. Parents may not know that the garlic finger offered on Mondays from Domino’s is the same size as a pizza slice.  We have some children ordering one of each and it does seem like a lot for some of our younger students.
  6. Please let Amy or Mrs. Jay know if you need any help with ordering or have any questions about the program.
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Students and staff are back to our regular routine at Greenfield today after yesterday’s unexpected evacuation and early dismissal.

The Public School Branch (PBS) has provided information on the PBS website at  and in the media so parents would be aware of what occurred yesterday to disrupt the school day.  What parents may not know is that everything went remarkably well here at Greenfield. Students were already outdoors for recess with supervising teachers.  When it was determined that evacuation was necessary, all teachers joined our students outdoors and they proceeded to our off-site location in an orderly and safe way.  Bus drivers and parents were contacted and students went safely home.

A big thank you goes out to our staff (teachers, E.A.’s, bus drivers, custodian, and Amy) who were calm, reassuring and professional in an unusual situation, to our students for their excellent conduct and cooperation, to parents for their support and their kind comments, and especially to Mrs. Finniss who provided the leadership for everyone yesterday.



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Fall Mum Fundraiser – Sold Out!

We have had GREAT success with our Fall Mum Fundraiser.  All mums have been sold –  tickets are no longer available.

If you have purchased a mum, you can take your ticket to  John’s Greenhouse to pick it up.

Thank you to Jackie Ellis who led this initiative for our playground committee, to John’s Greenhouse who provided the mums and to all who purchased them in support of our playground.


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Notes for Next Week

  1.  Our Breakfast Program begins on Monday, September 19th.  The doors will open at 8:15.
  2. Home and School Meeting on Tuesday, September 20th – 6:30 in the library. All are invited!
  3.  Picture Days are Wednesday, September 21st for students in the English program  and Thursday, September 22nd for students in the French program.
  4. Wednesday, September 21st is International Day of Peace.  We will be celebrating!
  5. Friday is a Professional Learning Day – no school.
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Greenfield Family Picnic is a go today!

The weather is not what we asked for but preparations are too far along to cancel.

The Family Picnic is on and we’ll hope for the weather to clear.

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School Fundraiser

Our Home and School Fundraiser has begun.  Packages went home with students yesterday. You can also go to the QSP website to see what is available and to order.

Here is the link:

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Meet the Teacher

Don’t forget “Meet the Teacher” tomorrow night.

We will meet in the gym at 6:30 for greetings and staff introductions. Information about our Home and School and our Breakfast Program will be shared.  At 7:00 parents can move to classrooms to meet their child’s teacher.

We hope to see you!

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Important Dates for September

A notice will be going home tomorrow with important dates for September.

Our Meet the Teacher night will be on Thursday, September 8th beginning at 6:30.

We like to have our Meet the Teacher before our Greenfield Family Picnic which is the following week on Wednesday, September 14th.

We hope the parents of our students will join us at both of these activities.


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HotLunches for September

Our HotLunches Program is up and ready for ordering.

All parents must sign up again for this school year as teachers and classes have changed so please go to the Parent Page on our website and click the HotLunches Sign-Up Sept2016 link.  The instructions for signing up are available there.

The menu for September will run from Monday, September 14th to Friday, September 30th.   Orders must be in by Sunday, September 11th by 12:00 midnight – no exceptions.

Further information on the lunch program will be sent home in the first week.

As well, the school calendar and general school information is available under the “About Our School” page.  We encourage you to take some time to read this information.



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