Parking Lot Safety!

The last number of mornings, we have been out supervising the parking lot.  We have had a couple of reports of “near misses” which was of great concern to the parents and to school administration.

For the safety of our students, we ask that parents who are dropping off children do the following:

  1. Please drive slowly in our parking lot.  It is a school zone and there are children present.
  2. Do not take too much time if you are using the drop-off lane.  Some parents are simply taking too much time which is causing a line-up of cars.  Other parents are getting impatient as they need to get to work or on to other things.  Cars will pull around these  “slow” cars which creates a hazard for pedestrians and cars.  If you need time to get children prepared to come into the school, please park, get your children ready and  walk them to the crosswalk.
  3. Have children use the crosswalk to come into the school.
  4. Please respect the signage in the parking lot.  There is an outside “bus lane” and inside “car lane.”  Please use the car lane.
  5. Do not drop children off in the bus lane or at the west side of the school.
  6. Do not park at the stop sign by the grass island.  Cars have to pull around and are driving into the bus lane.

As well, we ask that parents respect the 8:15 timeline for dropping children off in the morning.

Thank you and let’s work together to keep our Greenfield students safe.

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