Heritage Fair – Please Vote!

The Provincial Heritage Fair was held in May and our Greenfield students had wonderful results.

Bree McAlduff received an Honorable Mention with the finalists.

Rhiannon Carpenter received the P.E.I. Scottish Historical Society Award for Scottish Heritage.

Lauren Johnston was awarded the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture Award for Agricultural History.

Ashlyn Meisner received the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat Award and the P.E.I. Teachers Federation Award for History of Education.

We had two Heritage Fair Finalists: Ashlyn Meisner and Lauren Johnston.  This means that they were in the Top 10 and had to create a video that will be voted on to see if they go to the National Heritage Fair in Ottawa in the fall.

Ashlyn and Lauren did create wonderful videos and they need voters!  We are hoping that our Greenfield community will get behind them and take the time to see their videos and vote.  Here are the links:



Voting ends on July 7th!


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