End-of-Year Notes

Thank you to our students and staff for a great school year.  Much appreciation goes to our parents for the support that give to your children and to us here at Greenfield.

Reports cards have gone home with students today.  We had a wonderful, busy day here.  The Consolidated Credit Union provided us with a barbeque that was very much enjoyed by students and staff.  It was a great addition to our Fun Day.

For those parents who have not paid for school supplies or need to come in for another reason, our school office is open for the next two days (June 29th and 30th). The office will open again on August 25th.  The first day for students is September 7th.

Parents should remember to check bus stop information before the school year starts.  Although you any not have moved, it is best to check to be sure of your child’s stop for September. You can check by going to the bus stop utility on the Public Schools Branch website at http://www.gov.pe.ca/edu/psb/bus-stop-search/

As well, parents might check our website for updates as we get closer to the start of our new school year.

The staff at Greenfield Elementary is wishing all our wonderful students and their families a safety and happy summer!


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