Notes for Next Week

Here are notes and reminders for our coming school week – Monday, September 18th:

  1. Picture Day on Monday, September 18th (English Classes) and Tuesday, September 19th  (French Immersion classes and those who missed on Monday).  Bring your smiles!
  2. We have many families who have not paid the School Supply fee of $40.00.  Please do so as soon as possible as these funds have been spend for supplies your children are now using.
  3. Our Greenfield Family Picnic will be held on this Wednesday, September 20th from 4:30 to 6:30.  If there is any change in these plans, we will be letting families know as soon as possible so please check the website for any updates.
  4. Our first Home and School Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 in the library.  We hope you will plan to attend.
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Meet the Teacher – Thursday, September 14th

We would like to remind our parents of our Meet the Teacher evening at Greenfield Elementary on Thursday, September 14th.

Beginning at 6:30, parents can go to their child’s classroom to meet the teacher and hear  information about the classroom program.  This will be a very general discussion as teachers and students are just getting to know one another.

As many parents have more than one child at Greenfield, an announcement will be made at 6:45 to allow parents to visit another child’s classroom.

At 7:00, all parents will be invited to the gym to hear a message from Principal Sandra Jay, our Greenfield Home and School, and the Breakfast Program.

We hope our parents will take the time to join us on Thursday evening!

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HotLunches for September 2017

Our HotLunches menu for September 2017 is up and ready for ordering.  We wanted to get it up as soon as we could as we know parents and students appreciate having milk and lunch options available at school.   Some things to know:

  1. All parents must re-register. At the end of the school year all information is deleted because of teacher, student, and class changes.  The information on how to use HotLunches is on our website under the Parent Page.  As well, this information is in the front our all students’ agendas.  Please contact the office if you have any questions or need help to get started.
  2.  The menu is for September 11th to September 29th.
  3.  The deadline for orders to be in is Sunday, September 10th at midnight.  There are no exceptions to this deadline.  Late orders create problems for our vendors and us here at school.  We appreciate that it is a tight timeline but we did want to get the menu up for ordering as soon as we could.
  4. Menu changes:
    *A Chicken Caesar Salad is available from Pita Pit on Tuesdays.
    *Garlic fingers are available from Captain Sub/Greco on Thursdays.
    *All prices are the same as last year except white milk which is now .50 cents.
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We are ready!

Our staff at Greenfield is ready for our students to begin!

Some important “First Day Notes”:

  1. Doors will open at 8:15.  This does not mean all students need to be here at that time. Our buses arrive any time between 8:15 and 8:30.
  2. There is no Breakfast Program until September 25th.
  3. Students who arrive before 8:15 will be waiting outdoors.
  4. As students come into the school at 8:15, our Kindergarten students will be directed to their classrooms, Grade 1 students will meet in the cafeteria, and Grade 2 to Grades 6 will meet their teachers in the gym.
  5. Parents will not be going with students to the gym or to classrooms.  The exception will be the parents of Kindergarten students and these parents should not expect to stay for a long time.  We will want to begin our school day as soon as possible!
  6. Parents should not take pictures in or around the school as it may include other children whose parents have not given permission for their child’s picture to be taken.
  7. A “Welcome Back” notice will be going home with students tomorrow with more important notes and dates.

We do ask that everyone take care in our parking lot as it will be a very busy morning!

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Welcome Back!

We are getting ready to welcome all our new and returning students.

Our new lobby display:

See you on Thursday!

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End-of-Year Notes

Thank you to our students and staff for a great school year.  Much appreciation goes to our parents for the support that give to your children and to us here at Greenfield.

Reports cards have gone home with students today.  We had a wonderful, busy day here.  The Consolidated Credit Union provided us with a barbeque that was very much enjoyed by students and staff.  It was a great addition to our Fun Day.

For those parents who have not paid for school supplies or need to come in for another reason, our school office is open for the next two days (June 29th and 30th). The office will open again on August 25th.  The first day for students is September 7th.

Parents should remember to check bus stop information before the school year starts.  Although you any not have moved, it is best to check to be sure of your child’s stop for September. You can check by going to the bus stop utility on the Public Schools Branch website at

As well, parents might check our website for updates as we get closer to the start of our new school year.

The staff at Greenfield Elementary is wishing all our wonderful students and their families a safety and happy summer!


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Late Bus – Bus 536 (Leo Stewart)

We have a late bus today. Students who travel on Bus 536 will be dropped off by Bus 520 today.  They may be 20 minutes or so late.

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Heritage Fair – Please Vote!

The Provincial Heritage Fair was held in May and our Greenfield students had wonderful results.

Bree McAlduff received an Honorable Mention with the finalists.

Rhiannon Carpenter received the P.E.I. Scottish Historical Society Award for Scottish Heritage.

Lauren Johnston was awarded the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture Award for Agricultural History.

Ashlyn Meisner received the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat Award and the P.E.I. Teachers Federation Award for History of Education.

We had two Heritage Fair Finalists: Ashlyn Meisner and Lauren Johnston.  This means that they were in the Top 10 and had to create a video that will be voted on to see if they go to the National Heritage Fair in Ottawa in the fall.

Ashlyn and Lauren did create wonderful videos and they need voters!  We are hoping that our Greenfield community will get behind them and take the time to see their videos and vote.  Here are the links:



Voting ends on July 7th!


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Late Bus – Bus 553

We have a late bus today – Bus 553 (Ian Lilly).  Students will be arriving 15 to 20 minutes late.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Home and School Meeting Tonight

A reminder of our Home and School Meeting tonight at 6:30.  It is our last meeting of the school year.  All are welcome!

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