Grade 9 Video has been shared!

The 2016 Grade 9 Video has been shared – sorry for the delay.  If students are unable to find the video through the “Shared with Me” option in Google drive, please contact me at .  I will check that email account on a fairly frequent basis throughout summer.  Some students have the exact same name as other people in the education system across the province and I do not have the usernames available to match up every MIS student.  This only affects 7 students.  Thanks for your patience.  Happy Watching!

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Summer 2016 Information

  1.  The 2016 Grade 9 Video will be made available through Google Drive.  Students can login to their Cloud account and then access the file through the Shared with Me option on the left hand side of the Google Drive main page.  From there students can download the file or play it from the shared folder.  It will be shared on Thursday June 30.
  2. The approved list of School Supplies can be found by clicking here.  This list is presented by the English Language School Board.
  3. Montague Intermediate School will be officially closed from July 1 – August 25.  If you wish to speak to a member of our administration or a teacher, please contact them through email.  Addresses can be found on the staff webpage.
  4. Students return to school on September 6, 2016.  Here is a link to the official school calendar for 2016-17.

5.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

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Grade 9 Closing

The Grade Nine Closing will occur on Monday June 27, 2016 at 7:30 pm in our gymnasium.  The ceremony will last approx, 1 hour 15 minutes.

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Grade 8 Travel, Grades 7 & 9 to Charlottetown

Grade 8 Travel

Grade 8 students need to be at MIS for 6:15 am morning Wednesday.  When they return Thursday evening, we will instruct students to start calling or texting home somewhere around Stratford.  The buses are scheduled to roll into Montague around 10:30 pm.  Please meet them at the school at this time.

Grades 7 & 9 to Charlottetown

These students will be traveling to Cineplex Charlottetown on Thursday.  Students will be watching “Finding Dory” (G).  A specific activity release form went home last week for this and the cost of $10.00 was listed on the form.  This money should have already been collected by homeroom teachers.  The canteen at the theatre will be open if students want to purchase snacks at an additional charge.  Lunch is not provided so students need to bring their own lunch.  If weather permits, students will visit Victoria Park afterwards and will return to MIS for regular dismissal.

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Update – Monday June 13. 2016

  1.  The MIS Symphony of Rock takes place on Tuesday June 14 in our gym.  Special guests are Andrew Wait and the Firm.
  2. The MIS Grade 8 Travel to Halifax takes place on Wednesday June 22 and Thursday June 23.
  3. Grade 7 and 9 students will travel to Charlottetown on Thursday June 23 for their end of year field trip.  Details will be sent home as soon as we have them finalized here at the school.
  4. The Grade 9 Closing is scheduled for Monday evening, June 27.
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