Review of Schools – Board of Directors Resolutions

The Public Schools Branch Board of Directors met on September 27, 2016 at Three Oaks Senior High School to consider the Review of Schools recommendations.   The Board passed resolutions directing a more in-depth study of the schools in the following six Families of Schools:

  • Charlottetown Rural Family
  • Colonel Gray Family
  • Kinkora Family
  • Montague Family
  • Morell Family
  • Westisle Family

The in-depth study will consider factors such as educational opportunities, programming, enrollment, population trends, physical space, cost, community development, transportation and options for change.

As part of the process outlined in the School Change Policy, affected schools and other groups are being notified of the resolutions. Initial public meetings to share the Review of Schools information are being held over the next few weeks.

The next step in the process is the gathering of data and input related to the identified factors. Following the completion of the study, a report will be prepared which will include recommendations. After the report and recommendations have been presented to the Board of Directors, the Board will receive public input for 60 days prior to making a final decision.

For more information and a meeting schedule, please visit  To view the resolutions, visit Review of Schools – Resolutions.

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