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Open House Sessions in Schools

Open House sessions have been scheduled in the majority of schools where re-zoning will affect that school’s student population in September, 2017.  The open house sessions have been arranged to allow new students and their parents to tour the school, receive school related information, and pose any questions they might have.   The dates and times for these sessions, as well as an overview of the plans for each night, are outlined on the Open House Sessions – Transition 2017 page

Participation in these open house sessions is not mandatory, but is recommended, as this opportunity will provide students and parents with school related information about the student’s new school.  Open house sessions are not being provided in all schools, but rather, only the schools impacted by the recently-announced re-zoning.

Welcome to Kindergarten Sessions 2017

“Welcome to Kindergarten” is a preschool readiness program designed for parents/guardians and their children.  It provides parents/guardians with tools and resources to engage their children in early learning experiences prior to Kindergarten.  The dates and times for this year’s Welcome to Kindergarten sessions are outlined on the Welcome to Kindergarten page.

If you have a child who is eligible to start kindergarten in September 2017 and that child has not yet been registered, you are encouraged to register with the school your child will attend as soon as possible.  This will help ensure you have an opportunity to take advantage of the school’s orientation process and resources available to parents of kindergarten-age children.

Community Access & Inclusion Expo – May 11, 2017

This event is free and open to everyone.  Over 100 agencies invited.

Join us anytime between 5 and 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Summerside Intermediate School,  247 Central Street, Summerside for the 2017 Community Access & Inclusion Expo, hosted by the Public Schools Branch.

Each year, inclusive agencies and service providers from across PEI gather at the Expo to provide information about the opportunities they offer, such as: Continue reading