School Supplies

Please refer to our suggested school supplies list . This information is also available via a link on our top menu.

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Orientation/Tour for “New” Students

On Friday, August 28 at 1:30 p.m., there will be an orientation and tour for any new student (those transferring from another school, from another province or country) who will be attending Stonepark in the fall.
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Band Camp 2015

Band camp will be held this year from Monday, August 24th to Saturday, August 29th at Charlottetown Rural High School. (Registration was completed in June, and the camp is now full.)

The schedule is: Monday, 8:30am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday, 9-3, and Saturday, 9am -11am (for beginners only).

Details can be found on the Stonepark Band blog:

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Viewing SAS Marks After June 30

After the school year has ended, SAS classes are closed. However, marks can still be viewed by unchecking the box that says “Show only my classes that are currently being taught.”




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Year-End Updates

Hi, folks! I have a few things to pass along to you:

1. Here is the revised and updated list of the students receiving honors and honors with distinction for the past school year.

Honours Listing (please scroll down for all grade levels)

These students have worked hard to achieve this recognition, and they should be very proud of their efforts. I want to congratulate all of these students on their accomplishments.

2. SAS is now back up and running. Students and parents will now be able to review their marks online.

3. For those students who did not pick up their report cards, you can do so at the school. The front doors will be locked, however, the cell numbers for the custodians are on the front and back doors. You can call them and they will come to meet you at the door and take you in to get you the report card.
We still have some students who owe money for outstanding books. Report cards will not be issued until these bills have been paid.

4. On behalf of the staff at Stonepark, I want to wish everyone a happy and restful summer. It is our hope that you take the time to enjoy good times with your family and loved ones, and that students come back ready to start another school year here at Stonepark. We thank you for your support for your child’s education this past year, and look forward to another great school year in 2015-16

Take care,


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School Supplies List 2015-2016

Please find a suggested list for school supplies for the upcoming school year:

School Supplies List 2015-2016


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Wed. – Day 6

Is now CLOSED for the year.

Jumbo Freezies:
Freezies will be on sale during am break for students and staff over the next few days. Cost is $2 with all proceeds going to support the PEI Cancer Society, and the PEI School Adminiskaters team that is participating in the Faceoff Against Cancer tournament in September. Mr. Campbell, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Beck are all playing on the team. We thank you in advance for your support

Softball Teams:
Members of the girls and boys softball teams are expected to return team jerseys asap.  A replacement fee will be charged to those who do not return uniform by Friday.

There are still over 50 Library books to be returned, please return ASAP. Library closed for remainder of year.

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