School Bus Stops

Reminder to Parents Regarding Bus Stops for next School Year

Many bus routes, especially in the Charlottetown area, have been re-designed to accommodate zoning changes that have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Public Schools Branch. The redesigned bus routes may result in students traveling on different buses and at different times in September than in the current school year.

In an effort to help inform parents of these changes, please ensure parents are aware that they should check their September bus information using the bus stop utility on the Public Schools Branch website even if they have not been affected by the zoning changes. The information can be accessed at the following link:  This website will be available on June 26.

School Spring Concert

A reminder that our annual spring concert will be tomorrow (Wednesday) at Vernon River School. We will have 2 performance times: 1:00 pm and then again at 6:30. For the evening performance children should arrive 15-30 minutes before the concert.

Parents and Guardians please also remember to dress your child appropriately for their performance:

  • grades K-5 to please wear clothing that shows their Canadian pride (Canada Day shirts, shirts from across Canada, or even just red & white!)
  • Please remember how warm it gets
  • All band students will wear their band uniforms for the concert — white dress shirts and black bottoms.

Please make every effort to have your child attend. Thank you for your cooperation.