Welcome Back!

All the teachers have been busy over the last few days making sure that their classrooms are ready for the start of the school year. We are all very excited to get started.

There has been a few changes this year in staff and how we are going to do a few things. First off, you may notice that on our staffing page we have a number of new staff members at our school in grade 3, 7 and guidance.

Second, our Welcome Back BBQ has changed a little in its format. We will still be having our BBQ after school on the first Friday (September 8) of the school year but there will not be any classroom sessions. We would like to have this event as a very informal social opportunity for teachers, parents and students to just meet and talk. Please note that the buses will be dismissed an hour later than usual (at 3:45) to allow for all to stay and participate.

We have a more formal “Meet the Teacher” night planned for October 5th, where parents will be invited to come in to the class and hear all about what the curricular and behavioral expectations will be. More information will follow when we get closer to the date.

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