We have the service of 3 buses that are provided to the school from the English Language School Board. The direct transportation supervisor is Catherine MacKinnon (368-6836) who is in charge of routing.
Our three bus drivers are:

Mary O’Donnell Bus 402 Area: Mainly the Trans Canada from Cherry Valley to Orwell Cove and many of the side roads.
Johanne Ings Bus 444 Area: Route 3 to Murray Harbour Rd, Millview Rd, Trans Canada.
Judy McIsaac Bus 490 Avondale, Route 3 from Murray Harbour Rd to Summerville, Glencoe Rd.

If you are looking for a bus schedule for approximate times for pick up and drop off please e-mail Robyn MacDonald  (rlmacdonald@edu.pe.ca ) or call the school 902-651-8520.

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