School Snowshoes

Snowshoe Lending Form

**Snowshoes will be loaned on a first come, first served basis. TO PLACE YOUR REQUEST PLEASE

Email All 3 Addresses PRIOR TO Wednesday:;; ** YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL ON THURSDAY CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING. We will be able to accommodate 2 families per weekend.



“Let’s Learn About Anxiety”

“Let’s Learn About Anxiety”

Small Group Sessions


Beginning in February, 2017, West Kent Elementary School Counselor, Mandy Ramsay, will be offering a small group for students in grade 4-6 to learn about the topic of anxiety. The sessions will take place during the school day and will be 30 minutes in length once per day cycle.

If you feel that your child would benefit from learning more about anxiety and you would like them to participate in this group, please contact Mrs. Ramsay by email no later than Friday, January 20, 2017.

School Goals Report

Unwanted Messages in Gmail

On October 11, 2016, a message was posted by a Public Schools Branch student to a GROUP within our PEI Google Apps for Education platform.  Due to the settings of the GROUP at that time, the content of the post was sent as an email to everyone’s account, including teachers, administrators, and students. The subject of the email was (Intro – D.R.A.M.) and the content and wording were inappropriate.  It was not possible to retract this message from student accounts and teachers were asked to bring this matter to the attention of students as they are introduced to their email within Google Apps. Teachers will be having age-appropriate conversation about unwanted messages, spam and the difference between Reply and Reply All, and work with students to remove the item from their inbox.


We regret that this incident took place, but it has provided significant learning for staff and students. PSB and ITSS staff have worked to ensure that this kind of incident cannot happen again, and specifically, the configuration of this GROUP restricts posting rights to selected individuals within ITSS, the Public Schools Branch, and Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture.


We wanted to send out this update post as we recognized as we further debriefed this event that parents may not have been fully informed of this incident. We thank parents for their support in this matter.

Flu Shot

Consultation Plan

Register for Hot Lunches in September 2016

All families (returning and new students)  will have to register at the beginning of September to use hot lunches. Please follow the procedures sent home the first week of school.

Hot Lunches Policy

Our ordering system for Hot Lunches has been reconfigured so that orders must be paid in advance to be processed. Orders that have not been paid before Monday at 9am will be automatically deleted from the system. This means that if you have not submitted your payment before Monday at 9am, there will be no food order for your child/children that week. Pay Pal payments that show as pending are considered paid. These orders will be filled. Thank you for your cooperation.

West Kent School

Hot Lunch Storm Policy

Storm Policy – There are no carry overs on orders.  All lunch items ordered for storm days will show as a credit but must be reordered the following week.