West Kent Fall Fair

The West Kent School Council, in partnership with West Kent Elementary School, is very excited to host the 11th Annual West Kent Fall Fair on Saturday, October 31 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at our school.

For more information, please go to the Home and School link above.

After School Sports Schedule for September:

Mondays- Gr. 1 & 2

Tuesdays- Gr. 3 & 4

Wednesday-Gr. 5 & 6

Thursdays- Rotate between the three groups starting the week of Sept. 14th  with gr. 1 & 2

Oct. 1st grade 5 and 6

Oct. 8th Gr. 1 and 2

Oct. 15th gr. 1 and 2 (missed Monday this week)

October 29th gr. 3 and 4

Cross Country Practices:

Cross Country Practices (Gr. 3-6) at Big Recess Day 2, 4, 6
Cross Country will now be on Monday, Oct.5th raintdate Tuesday, Oct 6th..

Register for Hot Lunches in September

All families (returning and new students)  will have to register at the beginning of September to use hot lunches. Please follow the procedures sent home the first week of school. To register, click on “Click Here to Register”.

Hot Lunches Policy

Our ordering system for Hot Lunches has been reconfigured so that orders must be paid in advance to be processed. Starting next week (January 26th) orders that have not been paid before Monday at 9am will be automatically deleted from the system. This means that if you have not submitted your payment before Monday at 9am, there will be no food order for your child/children that week. Pay Pal payments that show as pending are considered paid. These orders will be filled. Thank you for your cooperation.

West Kent School

Hot Lunch Storm Policy

Storm Policy – There are no carry overs on orders.  Milk, chicken poppers, pizza, pita and ice cream from storm days will show as a credit but must be reordered.