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Supporting Student Achievement

The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to helping Island students thrive, achieve and succeed.

As part of this commitment, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is implementing initiatives to support student achievement.

Student achievement is driven by many factors, including effective professional learning for educators.

New school calendar supports student achievement

The school calendar for the 2014-2015 school year supports instructional time, as well as improved use of professional learning time.

The school calendar lays out the number of school days and instructional days and includes holidays, professional learning days, parent teacher interviews, and examination dates.

More embedded professional learning days

Embedded professional learning establishes a direct connection between a teacher’s work in the classroom and the professional learning the teacher receives.

Teachers have a chance to learn new concepts, try them out in their own classrooms, and evaluate how those concepts are working.

No change to instructional days

While increasing professional learning opportunities, we are also protecting instructional time. Students and parents will see no change in the number of instructional days in the new school calendar.

Fewer short weeks

The new school calendar strives for a minimum of four days in every school week, so there will be less disruption in learning.

Professional learning supports student achievement

Professional learning days are for teachers, but they are designed to impact student learning.

Teachers who engage in a professional learning process continually refine and improve their craft, which ignites student learning.

During restructured professional learning days, teachers will have more time to meet with other teachers in their school or at their grade level to collaborate about how they can help their own students.

On professional learning days, teachers learn how to:

  • help students achieve curriculum outcomes

  • use effective teaching strategies

  • reach students with various learning needs

  • use technology to increase student engagement

  • improve classroom management

Upcoming initiatives to improve student achievement

  • Helping students with career development as they prepare for transitions to post-secondary education and/or entering the work force

  • Supporting professional learning for our school principals through principal leadership programs

  • Supporting professional learning for teachers

  • Working with school boards on an accountability framework to support student achievement

  • Reviewing graduation requirements to ensure students are ready to transition to post-secondary and/or the workforce

Access the 2014-2015 school calendar

Read the media release - New school calendar supports student achievement


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