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Early Childhood Development

To a great extent, a baby's brain is constructed with building blocks of experience ready to be further developed by you. As a child begins to experience the world through sight, sound, touch and to a lesser degree, smell and taste, the wiring and sculpting of the brain falls into place.

Research shows that who and what a child becomes is mainly determined from birth to age 8. As a parent or caregiver, every time you talk, play, sing or interact with your child, you are stimulating your child's brain and helping him or her become a happy, healthy, productive individual.

Information for Families

Guide to Quality Child Care Handbook [External Link to ECDA]

Directory of Licensed Early Learning and Child Care Centres

Best Start Program

Early Childhood Sector Links

Child Care Subsidy Program

Early Learning and Child Care Registry

Information for Educators / Operators

Funding for Child Care Centres

Bridges Program

Child Care Licensing and Certification

Supporting Documents

Early Learning Framework  PDF 38MB

Early Years Report 

PEI Early Childhood Parent Survey Report 2010

Securing The Future For Our Children - Preschool Excellence Initiative 

Securing The Future For Our Children - Preschool Excellence Initiative Questions and Answers For Parents

Early Years Centres Tours - May 2012

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