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Learning and Early Childhood Development

Learning and Childhood Development has the responsibility to develop and deliver high quality programs and curriculum in both English and French to Island children from birth to Grade 12. It includes instructional development, curriculum, early childhood, technology support and autism services. It also provide curriculum for home education.

 Early Childhood Development

This division provides policy, program and funding advice and direction to ensure Island children and families have high quality experiences in the early years. Responsible for the early learning and child care system of PEI, this section provides curriculum and development and support to the Early Years Centers, supports Family Resource Centers and private regulated early childhood programs, provides Early Years Autism services, administers the direct funding program, special needs funding program, autism funding program, the Best Start program, and is responsible for Healthy Child Development. As well, this division has responsibility for the Child Care Facilities Act, R.S.P.E.I. 1988, Cap. C-5, including the certification of early childhood educators, licensing and inspections of early childhood programs and provides resource support to the Child Care Facilities Board, and the Children's Secretariat.

The province is committed to providing a high quality service for families of children with autism spectrum disorders and refers to scientific evidence and best practices when implementing policies. Autism service is provided for preschool and school age children and youth.

Preschool - Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is provided by the preschool autism coordinator and specialists who individualize instruction for preschoolers diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Diagnostic services are available through the Department of Health and Wellness while intervention services are provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

English Curriculum

This devision is responsible for developing, implementing, evaluating and supporting curriculum, programs and services in English to students in the public school system from K to 12.

French Curriculum

This division is responsible for providing French language curriculum, program and support services and resources to teachers and students from K to 12. French language education is provided through French First Language, French Immersion and Core French programs.

Instructional Development and Achievement

This divison supports educators in the public school system in continuous learning and leadership development so they are up to date with latest research and best practices and have opportunities to integrate new knowledge into their work with students, staff and the public. This section also assists schools with school development planning. This division also administers the provincial Common Assessment Program, coordinates national and international assessments such as PCAP and PISA, and provides guidance, advice and support in the areas of student assessment and program evaluation to the department and educational partners.



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