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Minister's Directives

Summary of Minister's Directives

 MD 16-01  School Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year (PDF)
 MD 15-07 School Board Staffing and Funding Program for the 2015-2016 School Year (supersedes MD 2014-03)
MD 15-06 Granting of Senior High Graduation Diploma in the French first language education program (supersedes MD 2015-01)
MD 15-05 Granting of Senior High School Diploma and Certificate of Accomplishment in the English language education program (supersedes MD 2015-01)
MD 15-04 School Bus Driver Training (supersedes MD 98-09)
MD 15-03 The Responsible Use of Communcation and Information Technology (supersedes MD 2012-02)
MD 15-02 School Calendar for the 2015-2016 School Year
MD 14-03 School Board Staffing and Funding Program for the 2014-2015 School Year (Supersedes MD 2013-03 )
MD 14-02 Language Proficiency Required to Teach in French/English as a Second Language (Supersedes MD 2010-09)
MD 14-01 School Calendar for the 2014-2015 School Year
MD 13-01 Educational Services for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
MD 11-06 Procedures for Dealing with Life-Threatening Allergies (Supersedes MD 2008-06)
MD 11-01  External Credentialing Directive
MD 10-08

Tuition and Entitlement to Schooling Privileges for Permanent Resident, Non-Resident, and Exchange Students - Sets tuition rates for students not eligible for public school attendance. (Supersedes MD 07-01)

MD 10-03 Prince Edward Island School Athletic Association
MD 09-06  Student transfers between French Programs

MD 08-05

Distance Education

- Provides direction for instruction delivered within the jurisdiction of the school during the school day in which student and teacher are separated by time, space or both. (Supersedes MD 01-05)

MD 07-03

School Councils - Amendment to MD 99-04 -School Councils

- Includes a new section regarding the decision of the School Council Mediation Committee.

MD 03-06

Recruitment and Hiring Procedures for Superintendents of Education - Amendment to MD 01-04- Recruitment and Hiring Procedures for Superintendents of Education

- Regarding membership of selection committee.

MD 03-03

School Counsellors

- Outlines the philosophy of school counselling as well as the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of school counsellors. (Supersedes CIRCULAR 89-08)

MD 03-02

Special Education Issues Resolution Procedure

- Outlines the membership and role of the Special Education Issues Resolution Committee and protocol for addressing issues.

MD 01-08

Special Education

- Outlines Special Education including the provision of a continuum of support, a process for assessment and intervention and an accountability framework. (Supersedes MD 97-07)

MD 01-07

Granting of Credit

- Covers both the granting of credits and placement of students entering the public school system from a home education program, private school or correspondence course. (Supersedes MD 95-04)

for Educational Activities not provided by a School Board 

MD 01-04

Recruitment and Hiring Procedures for Superintendents of Education - (Note: Amendment to MD 03-06)

- Outlines the procedures for recruiting and hiring Superintendents of Education including duties and membership of selection board. (Supersedes MD 01-01)

MD 00-07

School Libraries

- Outlines the philosophy and mandate of the school library program including the role of the department, school boards and schools in supporting its implementation.

MD 00-01

Terms and Conditions of Employment for Excluded Supervisory and Confidential Employees of School Boards

- Distribution limited to school boards, excluded supervisory and confidential school board employees only.

MD 99-08

Activation of Amber Lights on School Buses

- Outlines the responsibility for bus drivers to activate amber lights on school buses.

MD 99-05

Intermediate School Subject Time Allotments

- Outlines the ranges for time on task allowable for each intermediate school subject area.

MD 99-04

School Councils

- Outlines the procedure and operating guidelines for each school to establish a school advisory council.

MD 98-14

Travel Allowance

- No longer issued under Minster's Directive; further changes to provincial government travel allowances will be communicated by Provincial Treasury.

MD 98-07

School Bus Driver's Medical Examination

MD 96-20

Vocational, Career and Technology Courses Designated for the Special Staffing Ratio

MD 96-14

School Board Annual Audited Financial Statements

MD 96-13

Monthly Interim Financial Statements

MD 96-12

Accounts in Financial Institutions

MD 96-11

Payroll Account Code Structure

MD 96-10

Date for Approval of School Board Budgets

MD 96-09

Requirements for Budget Information Submissions for the Next School Board Fiscal Year

MD 96-08

Requirements for School Board Annual Reports

MD 96-01

Tuition and Non-Resident Students

- (Supersedes CIRCULAR 92-05)

MD 95-05

Instructional Contracts

- (Supersedes CIRCULAR 94-04)

MD 95-03

Mobility of School Board Employees

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