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MINISTER'S DIRECTIVE NO. MD 2001-05 Distance Education

Pursuant to section 8 of the School Act, R.S.P.E.I. 1988, Cap. S-2.1, I hereby issue the following Minister's Directive concerning Distance Education:

  1. Application
    This directive applies only to courses delivered within the jurisdiction of the school during the school day.

  2. Definition
    Distance Education is a mode of instruction in which the student and teacher are separated in either time or space or both, and where two-way communication takes place through non-traditional means for the most part. There is a broad range of both individualized and team instructional approaches and strategies used in distance education. Distance education communication may utilize various technologies and media, including but not limited to print, computers and computer networks, telecommunications, and audio-visual equipment and resources.

    Supervision is the act of overseeing the course of study and monitoring student activities.

  3. Purpose
    Supervision is the act of overseeing the course of study and monitoring student activities.

  4. Beliefs

    1. Regardless of site, personal interaction between teachers and students is fundamental to the teaching and learning process. On-site teaching is the preferred mode of instruction.
    2. Distance education programs must be consistent with the Philosophy of Education for P.E.I. and its curriculum.
    3. Distance education must be guided by sound pedagogical principles that support an effective teaching and learning environment.
    4. Teacher education programs in P.E.I. should include instruction in distance education policies, programs, and instructional strategies.
  5. Delivery

    1. Teachers delivering distance education courses must be certified in a Canadian province or territory or be approved by the Registrar of the Department of Education as being eligible for an instructional license in the Province of Prince Edward Island.
    2. Students enrolled in a distance education courses will be under teacher supervision at the receiving site.
    3. Duties assigned teachers as a result of their students being involved in a distance education course shall be considered part of their regularly assigned duties.
  6. In-Service
    The Department of Education will ensure that, where appropriate, teachers participating in the delivery of distance education courses will receive in-service in distance education.

  7. Curriculum and Accreditation of Courses
    Courses offered by distance education must be authorized by the Department of Education.

  8. Student Access
    Distance education courses may be offered to students in any grade level.

  9. Given that program delivery by distance education/on-line learning is a new initiative for the Prince Edward Island public school system, the Minister directs that there shall be an on going review of this Directive by the Distance Education Committee established by the new Memorandum of Agreement (2001) taking into account the experience with the Directive and the advice of the committee.

Jeffrey Lantz

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