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Heritage Places Recognition Program

Heritage Places of Prince Edward Island

Properties in Prince Edward Island which have been recognized as either a registered property or a designated property are listed on the PEI Historic Places website.

Historic properties in Prince Edward Island may be recognized as heritage places under the Heritage Places Protection Act. There are two levels of recognition in the provincial act: registration and designation. Registration is recognition of the heritage value of the property and does not place any restrictions on the property owner, while designation provides for legal protection to the property. For further information please see PEI Provincial Heritage Places Recognition Program: a guide for heritage property owners.

The Historic Places Initiative was put in place to foster a Canada-wide culture of heritage conservation and provide a system of tools to protect Canada's important historic places on a provincial, territorial, and national level. The results of this initiative included the Canadian Register of Historic Places, which provides online access to historic places formally recognized by federal, provincial, territorial, and local governments.

The revised Heritage House Notes and Built Heritage Research Guide [PDF] provides information on architectural styles commonly found in Prince Edward Island, a glossary of terms, and a guide to print, web and archival resources helpful in researching heritage buildings.

Registration and Designation of Heritage Places

Any site or structure important to the history and culture of Prince Edward Island may be eligible for registration. A designated heritage place is a protected place subject to the provision of the act and regulations.

A designated heritage place may be eligible to receive a blue plaque to indicate its status as a protected heritage place.

Heritage Places Grants

The Department of Tourism and Culture administers the Provincial Heritage Incentive Grant Program. Only buildings designated under the Heritage Places Protection Act and regulations are eligible. This program provides a grant of 25% of approved costs to a maximum of $3000.  Proposed work must also abide by Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

Municipal and Museum Grants

  • Charlottetown Heritage Incentive Program includes both monetary and non-monetary incentives for development of individually designated properties and/or properties located in the Heritage Preservation Area. The program is designed to provide financial assistance as well as recognition for the appropriate development of heritage resources within the city.

  • Residents of the City of Summerside should contact the Technical Services Department for information on the tax incentive program.

  • Community-based museums may be eligible for museum development grants which are administered by the Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island on behalf of the Department of Tourism and Culture.


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