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Early Childhood Educator Certification

Early childhood care facilities in Prince Edward Island are operated by private owners and are frequently run by a board. Under legislation, the PEI Child Care Facilities Board oversees the licensing of private day care facilities as well as certification of employees working in these private centers. This includes supervisors, early childhood educators and special needs assistants.

Early Childhood Educators 

Early Childhood Educators may find employment in early childhood centres. In PEI, this includes early years centres, nursery programs, before and after school programs and family resource centres. Provincial certification is not transferable and individuals are required to apply for certification in each province and territory.

Special Needs Assistants

Special Needs Assistants (SNA) are hired by early childhood programs as program staff. Responsibilities and duties of the SNA are identified by the supervisor/owner. Early childhood programs will attempt to match the training and education of the SNA to the needs of the child or children in their care. Special needs assistants are required to maintain 30 hours of on-going training.

Contact Information:

Doreen Baird, Early Childhood Programs Administrator
Early Childhood Development and Kindergarten Programs
Phone: 368-6518



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