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Preparing for school

Ease your child into a new routine.

Have him or her go to bed at school-night bedtime a few nights before the first day. Set an alarm clock for the correct school wake-up time.

Try a school bus run. Go over your child's school bus route with him or her if it's going to be a first-time bus ride. Find out how long the ride is, and talk about things like bus safety.

Get ready the night before. Establish a routine that requires your child to pick an outfit for the next school day, and to pack a book bag every night before bed. This will help eliminate any last minute rushing in the morning.

Things to consider before the first day of school

Is your child registered? To register for school, contact the school directly. You can use the Address Locator website to find out what school zone you live in. Learn what time school starts and return completed emergency contact forms.

The school calendar lists the first day of school, holidays, professional learning days and more. Parents can engage with their children’s education by familiarizing themselves with the school calendar to plan for family appointments, holidays, and other activities.

Getting to and from school

If your child is taking a bus, does your child know the bus route? Parents can now view bus route information for their children using a new online application provided by the English Language School Board.

Make sure your child knows the plan for getting to and from school and what happens after school. Here are some things to consider:

  • Does your child know what to do if he or she gets lost?
  • Does your child know whether to come home or go to an after school program or babysitter after school?
  • If you're not home after school, does your child know who will be responsible for him or her, what the rules are, and how to get help in an emergency?
  • If your child is going to a babysitter, does he or she know how to get to there?
  • Have you reviewed safety precautions with your child regarding traffic and strangers?
  • If your child is riding a bike, does he or she know the school's rules for bicycles?

Going to a new school

  • Talk About It. Encourage your child to share his or her feelings. Talk about the excitement of starting at a new school, and discuss any concerns your child might have.
  • Take a school tour. Call the school and arrange to tour the school with your child. Help your child find their way around the school and the location of their classroom and the bathroom. If possible, meet the teacher and principal.
  • Make a new friend. If possible, introduce your child to a classmate before the first day of school.

Source: Alberta Education Tips for Parents (amended August 2012)

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