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Parent engagement

Parents move issues forward, promote the highest standards for our children and engage government in important dialogues on student achievement.

The efforts of parents make our schools a better place to learn and grow.

The school calendar lists the first day of school, holidays, professional learning days and more. Parents can engage with their children’s education by familiarizing themselves with the school calendar to plan for family appointments, holidays, and other activities.

School Councils

In the education system, few decisions are made by individuals working in isolation. Indeed, research has demonstrated that students achieve at higher levels when their parents actively demonstrate an interest in and support for education. Recognized school advisory bodies represent a forum through which parents, teachers and principals can work together to improve the quality of the education system.

A school council is an advisory body of the school. Learn more in our Handbook on School Councils. The membership of school councils includes parents, teachers, and principals. Students may also be represented. A school council exists to provide advice to the principal and to facilitate and encourage co-operation between parents and educators. A school council represents the interests of all students. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has developed procedure for establishing a school council.

Joining the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation (PEIHSF) is an opportunity to get involved in your child's education. The PEIHSF is the umbrella organization of local “home and school” and “parent council” organizations in 55 schools across Prince Edward Island.

Family Literacy

Parents are the first teachers children have. Make reading a daily routine. Learning and literacy skills can be used every day.

Read bed time stories, have children help you read recipes, write messages to your family and post them around the house, even games and skits can be learning opportunities. Plan a trip to a library, or browse the PEI Public Library Service's online resources.

For more details on Family Literacy activities, please visit the PEI Literacy Alliance or




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