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Secondary Literacy Assessment (SLA) Grade 10

Secondary Literacy Assessment (SLA) Grade 10

In March 2016, the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture piloted the Secondary Literacy Assessment in a number of English and French schools across PEI.  The Secondary Literacy Assessment is a cross-curricular literacy assessment administered to students in Grade 10.  It is an online, web-based assessment.
The Secondary Literacy Assessment will continue in the pilot phase during the 2016-2017 school year. All Grade 10 students in Island high schools will participate. The purpose of the full pilot is to test the technical requirements and administration procedures. Pilot results are not used to determine student achievement or graduation requirements. 
During the 2017-2018 school year, the first Grade 10 cohort of students will participate in a full administration of the Secondary Literacy Assessment. Successful completion of the Secondary Literacy Assessment will be a graduation requirement for students entering Grade 10 in September, 2017.
An information letter will be sent home with Grade 10 students in September, 2016.


Information Bulletin

Quick-Start Guide for Students
Information for Students with Sampler

Complete Assessment Sample

Booklet 1
Booklet 2

Partial Assessment Sample with Marking Guide

Sample Question Booklet
Sample Answer Booklet
Marking (Answer) Guide

Online Practice Test (NOTE: only works in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)


At the moment we are experiencing some inconsistencies with the report feature at the end of the test.  This feature may or may not work each time.  We are working to correct this.

Please ensure your browser cache is cleared before starting a new online practice test.

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